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Russian journalist: Azerbaijan plays an important role in world politics


“Azerbaijan plays an important role in world politics,” said editor-in chief of the unified portal of Azerbaijanis in Russia, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia Roman Aghayev in his interview with We present the interview to the readers.

-Presidential election will be held on April 11 in Azerbaijan. How do you assess the election environment in Azerbaijan?

– Azerbaijan proved the sustainability of its statehood through successful socio-economic and political development, as well as in the context of strengthening real influence on the international arena. Today, it is an indisputable fact that the independence and sovereignty of Azerbaijan are not formal, but rather practical and efficient supported by weighty arguments, which is the indicative of the presence of a strong centralized state power in the country.

The electoral process in Azerbaijan has undergone rapid progress for a relatively short period of time, which became possible thanks to the implementation of appropriate advanced technologies in the process as a result of thoughtful democratic reforms.

-What is the significance of the elections in Azerbaijan for the region?

Azerbaijan is the recognized leader in the South Caucasus region. The weight of Azerbaijan on the international arena and its firm position on addressing topical global issues not only consolidated the country’s status as a regional leader, but also allowed other actors of world politics to see in this player a real potential that takes Azerbaijan far beyond its region.

– How do you think what would be the role of the forthcoming presidential election in the history of Azerbaijan?

Naturally, the presidential election is a historic event. In my opinion, the main task of a newly-elected president of Azerbaijan would be the adoption of a set of measures in order to consolidate the results achieved by the country in the internal life of the republic, and the specification of the issue of the immediate restoration of the country’s territorial integrity, as well as the further strengthening of its influence on the international arena. Azerbaijan has an appropriate potential in this regard, and there is no doubt that the country would excellently cope with all this as soon as possible.

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