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Prospects of cooperation between National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijani History discussed


The delegation, headed by Deputy Director of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abay Karimtayevich Satubaldin visited ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan History.

Director of the museum, academician Naila Velikhanli gave detailed information about the history of the scientific institution. She noted that, the building of the museum is one of the beautiful architectural monuments of Baku. The mansion that was built in 1895-1897, at one time belonged to the Azerbaijani millionaire, philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev. The museum, created in 1920, has collected many artifacts relating to all periods of the history of Azerbaijan, since ancient times.

It was also stressed that, by the order of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev the building of the museum was thoroughly renovated.

The meeting discussed issues related to establishing links between the museums of the two countries and the organization of traveling exhibitions. At the same time, the problems of protecting the cultural heritage of the Turkic-speaking peoples were touched upon.

In conclusion, it was decided to sign a memorandum of cooperation between the two structures.

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