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Presidium of Ganja Division of ANAS held a meeting


Next meeting of Presidium of Ganja Division of ANAS was held.

Opening the event, academician Fuad Aliyev spoke about the importance of President Ilham Aliyev’s Declaration “on the Year of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic” and the Declaration on the “100th Anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic”. He said that the President’s decree is a sign of great care and attention to the history of Azerbaijan.

According to F.Aliyev, scientific conferences and events will be held in the section dedicated to the 100th anniversary of ADA, and a number of books will be published in this direction.

The academician then informed about the new edition of the book “An Expository Chronology of the Legal Acts and History of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Ganja (1918-1920)”. He pointed out that the book contains interesting facts about the activities of ADR in Ganja during three months of tense situation.

At the end a number of current issues were considered.

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