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Mirvari Fataliyeva: Azerbaijan enjoys perfect electoral environment


“Azerbaijan enjoys a stable electoral environment. The election process is underway in accordance with the legislation. Freedom of press and free internet are available in the country. Equal conditions are created for all the candidates to present their campaign platforms,” head of Azerbaijani House in Paris, secretary general of the Association of Friends of Azerbaijan in France Mirvari Fataliyeva has told

Mirvari Fataliyeva praised the important work done by the Central Election Commission in order to hold transparent elections in Azerbaijan. “The Independent Media Center ‘Election-2018’ has been established. The Center’s website was launched. Local and international news and information are being highlighted by the Center. All these are necessary steps to ensure holding without any incident stable elections, in accordance with the country’s legislation,” she said.

“Our compatriots, living in this largest country of the West, are greatly interested in public and political processes, including the elections in Azerbaijan. We believe that the presidential election would be held in an objective and democratic atmosphere,” Mirvari Fataliyeva said.

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