Lithuanian minister talks Azerbaijan’s role in Viking railway project


Azerbaijan’s participation in the Viking project will extend the container train route to more distant Asian countries by providing an alternative route to reach Kazakhstan and China, as well as, more freight will be transported to the Baltic region from Kazakhstan and China, Economy Minister of Lithuania Virginijus Sinkevičius said in an exclusive interview with Trend.

“In 2016, Azerbaijan joined the international railway project Viking Train, launched in 2003 by Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine and recently joined by Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia,” said the minister.

The project will enable to up every participating country’s trade and transport potential, according to him.

“By the way, the export of transport services takes the highest share in Lithuania’s total export of services to Azerbaijan already. In 2016, the total export of services was 10.2 million euros and the value of exported transport services was 5.9 million euros,” added the Lithuanian official.

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