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Institute of Oriental Studies commemorated 28th anniversary of January 20 tragedy


ANAS Institute of Oriental Studies after acad. Ziya Bunyadov held a commemoration event on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the January 20 tragedy.

Speaking at the event, Director of the institute corresponding member of ANAS Govhar Bakhshaliyeva noted that, the January 20 events were inscribed as a heroic page in the history of our country’s struggle for freedom and territorial integrity. Said that the same day the valiant sons of our people unarmed opposed the heavy military equipment of the Soviet army.

Noting that, these events were a turning point in the struggle for independence, Govhar Bakhshaliyeva stressed that, these days our people were able to unite around a single idea.

Then, head of Department of Institute of South Azerbaijan, Ph.D. in history Samad Bayramzadeh delivered a report on “January 20 – trench of freedom.” He informed about the declaration of the state of emergency in Baku, as well as the operation “Typhoon”, conducted by the armed forces of the USSR.

At the event also reported employees of the Institute – Doctor of Political Sciences Ramiz Sevdimaliyev, Doctor of Economic Sciences Valiyev Dunyamali, Ph.D. in Economics, Akrab Rahimli, Philosophy in Philosophy Ilkin Alimuradov and others, noted that, the events of January 20 will remain forever in the bloody memory of our people.

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