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Brexit: Barnier says UK demands put transition in doubt


Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair wants a new Brexit referendum so the British public can “think again” about the UK’s future relationship with the bloc, warning that Brexit will destroy Britain’s clout and be regretted for generations.

Blair told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that voters should have a say on the final withdrawal deal once “terms of the alternative relationship” are finalised.

Blair also attacked Jeremy Corbyn’s “confusing” approach to Brexit in separate media interviews, urging Labour to oppose Brexit outright, The Independent reports.

But The Spectator’s Tom Goodenough says Blair’s “shrill” Brexit warnings “won’t persuade anyone”.

Blair’s “political stock fell dramatically” when Britain joined the US-led Iraq war, says Associated Press, “and there are no indications that his opposition to Brexit is gaining traction within the party”.

Lord Lamont, 75, the former Conservative chancellor, called Blair’s intervention “straight out of the EU school of referendums,” The Times reports. “Only vote when you know what the result is going to be. If it’s a ‘no’, have another one, if it’s a ‘yes’, carry on”.

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