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Azerbaijani Army does not need any “humanitarian” aid


‘Azerbaijan Army is surrounded with constant care and attention by the Commander-in-Chief and it is provided with high-level provision and security. This is why, our army does not need at all any organizations or community members to gather things, such as gloves, socks, undervests and sometimes even foodstuffs and take them to military units. This is the reason the military units do not accepts these things and righteously so.’

This was the statement of the retired Colonel Khatai Bakhishov to

Bakhishov noted that he personally witnessed such cases, when he participated in the “Open Door” days and events, organized to celebrate the Novruz holidays.

‘As a military serviceman, who was always near the military staff, I am confident that some people, who organize such campaigns in schools, universities and other organizations to gather “humanitarian aid” for soldiers guised as holiday gifts, definitely do not know anything about the situations in the military units. These inappropriate, meaningless and irrelevant initiatives are first of all worrisome for soldier parents.

I would like to address such people and say that our Army, which is a source of great pride for our people, and our soldiers and surrounded with constant care of our government and our Commander-in-Chief, and do not need such “aid”’, said the retired Colonel Bakhishov.

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