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Ambassador Crofts: Azerbaijan is really important market for UK


“Azerbaijan is s really important market for the UK. We have been the largest foreign investor in this country for a quarter of the century,” British Ambassador Carole Crofts has told AZERTAC.

She pointed out economic relations, saying “Azerbaijan and the UK enjoy really special relationship.” “We signed the PSA extension of ACG contracts in September last year which means BP is now here until the middle of this century investing in the Caspian, investing in jobs and growth for both countries”.

The ambassador hailed cooperation between BP and SOCAR: “It is special cooperation that BP and SOCAR, that the UK and Azerbaijan have set. We are developing these links outside of oil and gas to help Azerbaijan diversify the economy.”

Ambassador Crofts also commented on Azerbaijan`s position as a transport corridor: “Of course, Azerbaijan enjoys a very important position as a transport corridor, as a transport hub. We want to help develop that in a way which is going to be really important to the prosperity and security of this region.”

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